Considering that any and all religions are basically faith based without any shred of factual evidence, either physical or empirical, it stands to reason that Atheism is as valid a choice in a belief as any other except it stands as a non-belief. Religion is no more a reality than Atheist’s non-reality. The existence of a god, while it cannot be proven or disproven, remains for all eternity the ultimate enigma. Unless of course a god, the god, the one and only god decides to make a spectacular appearance. I don’t mean an appearance like the one we all ready have notated in numerous books by numerous ancient people in written form repleat with virgin birth, death and resurrection, to name a few. I’ve been told by the faith crowd that I have been bound by the devil and that Atheism is evil and hollow so I choose to dilute and dispute such ridiculous claims.

I don’t find Atheism evil or hollow at all but instead relevant in a world full of thousands of religions and perhaps millions of beliefs.  I think it is, for me, just “Flat Line” and comfortable.  No plus or minus, no hate, no judgment, no guilt, no religious wars or religious atrocities.  What really makes sense otherwise?
Belief in myriad imaginary gods, innumerable stories and theories about intelligent design and beginnings, myriad stories about miracles?  Is it so hard to accept that we just evolved from some primordial soup?  Isn’t there evidence to support evolution that easily negates the superstitions running rampant around the globe?  It is my position that we are still evolving in this world.

Currently there are well over 4000 religions, faiths and beliefs in the world. Doesn’t that speak volumes as to the unsubstantiated  superstitions of every and all religions and beliefs?  If in fact there was scrutable evidence as to the existence of, at the least, just one god there would be no need for the innumerable amount of others. At this point in time we might as well give credibility to the numerous gods of Greek myth. Perhaps at least they would be more entertaining. Everyone has to have a god and everyone insists that their god is the real god with some touting their god to be the most powerful and the most high god. Sounds like a bunch of third graders arguing about whose superhero is the best. 

Do we really need fantastic stories of original creation and sin, virgin birthing of a human god, dogmatic dictums from pious patriarchs, rituals to worship an invisible and seemingly inexistent divinity?  A divine being that supposedly loves us while we writhe in pain and suffering on account of our own disobedience?  A divine being who allows insurmountable suffering on account of a bad angel who rules this planet and some underworld juxtaposed to the other place, the euphoric utopian realm where all those who have passed on before us await for our visit. That is providing we follow all the rules. You know all the rules that are handed down by those who claim to have a direct connection to the almighty, omnipresent and omniscious god who can’t show up or speak except through them and their writings. 

Is religion really the people’s opium as stated by Marx?  Is it just simple answers to fears of the unknown to passify the masses or just another Orwellian precept?  Considering the annals of human history being strewn with atrocities beyond our wildest imagination at the foundation of which lies the religious impetus for such horror, I would have to go with the later expressions of Orwell. Many times on social media I get demonized once it is established that I am an Atheist. I have on several occasions felt that if I were physically amongst a certain group I would have been burned at the stake or strung up. What I also notice is this hierarchy of religions. Catholics have the Pope, Cardinals, Bishops, Archbishops, Priests, Deacons, Alter boys etc. Then you have the parishioners who contribute large sums of money to the church and perceive themselves as having some clout or influence on the church or the Archdiocese. What really gets me is this transconfiguration of a piece of bread and some wine. They actually believe that the wine is blood and the bread is the flesh. To me is wold seem like cannibalism if that were the case. 

Gnomes, Leprechauns, Zeus, Pokémon or God, what’s the difference?
It’s just a label for a faith in something beyond the earth realm, beyond human comprehension and understanding. Point being that no one really knows for sure so why bother with it in the first place. Can’t we just get up in the morning go out to the garden and enjoy a cup of coffee and the sunshine without worrying about religion?  Religions seems to detract from the overall enjoyment of the world around me. Why have religion looming over my head at every turn, every instance and every encounter with my fellow man. Lately is has worsened as I have to worry what religion someone else might be and how they will view me or judge me based upon their religious beliefs.

Atheism is not a calling to be immoral, unethical, unscrupulous or evil. I find that I possess morals, ethics, scruples and feelings of love, joy and compassion but feel strongly that they are innate and not something infused by a deity. I believe in life, cognizance and sentience and just simply living life. Why humans are obsessed with this idea of a god, a creator, divinity and grand design boggles my mind. I don’t want to be bothered with it because it actually detracts from the enjoyment of the life experience. Why be obsessed with something that has never been shown to be anything more than imagination? 

Now why would a god that can create the entire Universe, the magnificence of the Cosmos and all of life itself have to come down here to planet earth through a virgin birth and become a human torture victim to pay for people’s sins? What is sin anyway but another method of getting people to feel guilty, to run to the holy man to ask forgiveness and seek acts of contrition? Supposedly every time someone commits a sin, no matter how egregious, they just have to recite little prayers to make all the bad stuff go away. Actually I think you have to give 10% of everything you make to the church in order for all that to work, not sure. 

No one usually buys a car or a house sight unseen but multitudes buy the concept of a omniscient, omnipresent, all powerful god who has this love hate relationship with the human race. If there is a god that created the universe one would only have to ask who or what created this god that created the universe. Evangelists are a dime a dozen these days with some simply pumping people up with this idea of prosperity and success. Others pound out the fire and brimstone of eternal damnation unless one heeds the rules layed out in a book written by a lot of people who lived in a time when real science didn’t exist. 

About death.
I wasn’t born Atheist nor religious but I’ve seen many funerals in many years.
As a child I was not fazed by death, never cried, it was as though I was very aware of it and just witness to the spectacle of it. Family passed on early and I’d watch relatives carry on with levity and the morose. Many followed but I found the memory of a person was always a corpse lying in a box. For wives and children who passed, memories are boxed, categorized and shelved as past life experiences.
I get emails of people who passed on and news stories like Robin Williams but I can remember them in life, view a movie or photos.
Flesh is just a soul’s vehicle and a receiver like a Radio or TV. The air is full of sounds, voices and images but without a receiver we cannot hear or see them.
Upon death the ephemeral soul enters the realm of the cosmos and returns when the soil of life is right for germination. That is clearly evidenced by Savants and the Prodigy born with remnants of an old soul and the life experiences it retained.  It is for this reason that one should be aware of life and how one is living it. The experiences can carry on into the future of the soul. When someone is born an artist or a musician, a craftsman, artisan or all of those traits it is because the soul has retained that information from previous life experiences.

To be continued………